Title I Parent Resources

Title One Parent Resources for Mt. Holly Springs Elementary

Provided below are different parent resources that will help aide you in assisting your child throughout their educational career. Please be sure to review your child's teacher's websites for additional resources and information regarding Mt. Holly Springs Elementary's Title One program.

-Parent Compact:  Click here to learn your Role and Responsibilities

-District Family Involvement Policy:  Click here to view the District policy for family involvement

-Title I Family/School Policy (English): Building Vision, Purpose, and Expectations

-Title I Family/School Policy (Spanish)

-Student Code of Conduct/Handbook: Click here to be aware of our district routines and expectations

-Title I Building Goals: Click here to learn about our Title One Building Goals at Mt. Holly Springs Elementary.

-Right to Request Teacher Qualification:  Click here to learn about how to request teacher's qualifications

-SPAC (State Parent Advisory Council): Click here to learn more about the State Parent Advisory Council

-Millionaire Book Club: Our our year-long, school wide challenge to encourage students to read independently. It is our school wide goal to have students earn a total of $100,000,000 for our bank which is 100,000,000 minutes read this school year.