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Everyday Math

Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive Pre-K through grade 6 mathematics program developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project and published by McGraw-Hill Education. Every year in the US, about 4.3 million students in 220,000 classrooms are using Everyday Mathematics. This is currently the Mathematics program adopted by the Carlisle Area School District to guide in the instruction of the mathematics curriculum.

Everyday Mathematics is a research-based and field-tested curriculum that focuses on developing children s understandings and skills in ways that produce life-long mathematical power.

The Everyday Mathematics curriculum emphasizes:

  • Use of concrete, real-life examples that are meaningful and memorable as an introduction to key mathematical concepts.
  • Repeated exposures to mathematical concepts and skills to develop children s ability to recall knowledge from long-term memory.
  • Frequent practice of basic computation skills to build mastery of procedures and quick recall of facts, often through games and verbal exercises.
  • Use of multiple methods and problem-solving strategies to foster true proficiency and accommodate different learning styles.

Each grade of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum is carefully designed to build and expand a student s mathematical proficiency and understanding. Our goal: to build powerful mathematical thinkers.

Algorithms in Everyday Mathematics

Assessments in Everyday Mathematics

Developing Mathematical Literacy

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Supporting Your Child in Mathematics

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