Dive into Reading Challenge

Dive Into Reading Challenge

Our "Dive Into Reading" is our year-long, school wide challenge to encourage students to read independently. It is our goal to have students read a total of 10,000 books this school year and to read 5 out of 7 days every week.

10,000 Book Goal: After a student has completed reading a book independently, they need to see their teacher for a cotton ball. Every week the cotton balls are tallied and the number of books read are added to our total. The cotton balls are then put into the fish tank in the hallway! To encourage students to keep reading, we have periodic celebrations along the way to our goal:

1,000- Fish Food

2,000- Swim Down the Hall

3,000- Music at Hall

4,000- Game Day

5,000- No Shoes Day

6,000- Beach Volleyball

7,000- Teachers Serve Lunch

8,000- Icy Treats

9,000- Water Balloon Toss

10,000- Beach Day Picnic